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School of the Americas  Vigil

291 Roy Bourgeois Photo: Jill Landrith   

Each year 8th Day Center for Justice works along side SOA Watch for the School of the Americas (SOA) Vigil in Ft Benning, Georgia. SOA is a combat training school for Latin American soldiers.   

8th Day, along with the thousands that attend the vigil, oppose the U.S. supported militarization in Latin America, due to its proven correlation with increased human rights violations by Latin American armies and police forces

We are proud to join SOA Watch in remembering the lives lost by those trained at The School of the Americas and together we call for the closing of the school and an end to militarization of all kinds.  

We at 8th Day Center for Justice participate in the SOA Watch Vigil because...

287 We believe that resistance to oppressive U.S. foreign policy must come from grassroots movements like SOA Watch.  Our faith calls us to loose the chains of injustice, standing in solidarity with those who have been repressed in our name is one small step toward justice. ~ Mary Ellen Maden



Liz Deligio ~ We go to  honor "memorance"  the living memory of the life of the people that co-constructs of ethical future.


It is a powerful experience of cooperation among many distinct groups who protest the training of Central and South American Troops in our name.  ~ Gwen Farry, BVM




Mary Kay Flanigan, OSF ~ We have to take action to advance nonviolence, justice, and peace by standing in opposition to the U.S. training military men from other countries to murder and injure indigenous people while taking away ancestral lands and promoting interests of United States corporations. I

289 We stand, as global citizens, with our brothers and sisters who demand peace and justice the world over. ~ Scott Donovan



Kathleen Desauteles, SP ~ We go to both honor the lives of those who were disappeared or massacred in Central America by SOA/WHINSEC graduates and to stand in resistance to the U.S. militarism globally.



The School of the Americas represents the oppressive U.S. foreign policy that produces human rights violations, increased poverty, torture and militarization of populations in Central and South America. ~ Dorothy Pagosa, SSJ-TOSF



Converge on Fort Benning, Georgia – November 20-22

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