35th Annual Good Friday Walk for Justice - April 3

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Join Us for the 35th Annual

Good Friday Walk for Justice

Friday April 3, 2015 

Congress and Michigan



This year’s theme “Give Light and People Will Find the Way“ is the inspired title of Ella Baker’s workshop during the Civil Rights Movement at the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee. We believe, as did Ella Baker, “we will find the way” to make the spirit of the resurrection of true peace with justice happen through our collective efforts.

Every Good Friday, 8th Day gathers friends and partners for our Annual  Good Friday Walk for Justice.

The Walk is a modern-day way-of-the-cross.  Starting at the corner of Congress and Michigan we walk, pray, and sing our way through 10 Stations in downtown Chicago.  We explore the issues of the day that remind us, to “give light”.


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Thank you to all of our partners who have prepared prayers for the Walk!

Station 1 - Blessing - St. Kateri Center of Chicago 

Station 2 - Condemned - Chicago Religious Leadership Network 

Station 3 - Burdened - ARISE-Chicago 

Station 4 - Helped in the Struggle - Call to Action 

Station 5 - Weeping Women - American Friends Service Committee 

Station 6 - Falling - Chicago Nuclear Injury Action Network 

Station 7 - Mothers Grieving - Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ 

Station 8 - Stripped - Chicago Coalition to Close Guantánamo

Station 9 - Executed - Illinois Hunger Coalition 

Station 10 - Resurrection - 8th Day Center for Justice 

Walk for Justice Map: