Feminist Platform

– Feminist Platform –

On April 21, 8th Day debuted the Feminist Platform, a collection of policy recommendations on the justice issues that 8th Day deems most crucial at this time. The document is attached here; we hope you will read it, share it with your circles, and use it for discussion leading up to and beyond the elections this November.  

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A little background on the project…

Last fall, 8th Day’s Women in Church & Society Committee mused about how 8th Day could lift up our voice in the midst of the current political climate.  We found ourselves frustrated – not only by the negative, polarizing rhetoric on issues, but also by the fact that many issues important to 8th Day are not even being discussed.  We asked ourselves, “If 8th Day were running for President, what would our platform look like?”  It was during this conversation that the seed of 8th Day’s Feminist Platform began to sprout.

Drawing inspiration from Nordic countries that put together a similar document, we decided to hone in on ten issues that we see as vital to creating a more inclusive, holistic, thriving nation and global community. We called on several people throughout the country who we consider experts in their field to write their policy recommendations.  Each contribution is woven together into the vibrant tapestry that is our Feminist Platform.  

In speaking about feminism, Angela Davis says, “Feminism has helped us to recognize a range of connections among discourses and institutions and identities and ideologies that we often tend to consider separately…Feminist methodologies impel us to explore connections that are not always apparent.”  This is one reason why we chose to label our platform as feminist – because we want to not only provide policy recommendations, but to explore the interconnections among the issues.  

Our hope is that this document will live beyond this campaign year and will provide fodder for discourse on these issues – and beyond – for years to come.

As the conclusion of the platform reads, “This Feminist Platform means to be an antidote, a nourishing source that feeds hope and imagination so that we continue to struggle for what is right and just for the common good of all, including Earth itself.  If we don’t enter into this struggle, who will?”