Good Friday Walk for Justice

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Our theme for this year’s Walk for Justice is  LIVING OUT LOUD: Awaken. Create. Transform.

When TIME names the person of the year, “The Protester” what choice do we have but to celebrate the “Living Out Loud” energy that has swept the globe?  Together we commit to living our lives out loud through our work for nonviolent solutions to the many injustices that permeate both church and society.

Date and Time of Gathering

Friday April 6th 12:00pm - 3pm Gather at Northeast Corner of Congress and Michigan

What is the Good Friday Walk for Justice?

The Good Friday Walk for Justice stems from the Christian tradition of the Stations of the Cross -- Jesus' walk to his execution. The contemporary stations, prepared by various justice-seeking coalitions/communities, call us to continue to be in solidarity with those suffering at the hands of the “powers and principalities” of our day.


2012 Participating Station Presenters:

Kateri Center of Chicago: Click here for website

Wellington United Church of Christ:  Click here for website

Little Village Environmetnal Justice Program: Click here for website

Arise Chicago : Click here for website

Womens Alliance for Theology Ethics and Ritual (WATER) --  Website

Voices for Creative Nonviolence:  Click here for Website

Jay Rehak (Representing Teachers Union)

Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants    Click here for website

White Rose Catholic Worker  Click here to learn more about WR

Join us on April 6th at 12:00pm on the Northeast corner of Congress and Michigan to particpate with various justice coalitions who are - Living Out Loud by awakening communities, creating change, and transforming systems for the common good.