8th Day Responds to the Tragedy in Newtown, CT

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December 19, 2012

In the wake of the violent deaths in Newtown, CT, 8th Day Center for Justice joins with the nation in grief and despair.  We grieve the loss of these lives; we despair over the violent culture that allows such atrocities.  Such expressions of violence do not exist in isolation; they exist in the context of a long, shameful history of perpetuating violence through our lifestyles, mentalities, actions, and wars. 

We remember the children lost in Newtown, CT.  We remember all children who die through violence.  We remember children who die from gunshot wounds in impoverished cities across the nation.  We remember Afghan and Iraqi children who have died at the hands of the United States’ war machine.  We remember children who have died because of poverty and hunger.  We honor and mourn their lives. 

We breathe in the memory of all who lose their lives to violence, and we breathe out hope for a new world.  We envision a world that creates itself anew by changing this culture of violence.  We envision a world where the tragedies of war and school shootings truly are unimaginable, a world where nonviolence surrounds us and is within us, a world where our lives are guided not by the works of war, but by the works of mercy. 


In the darkness of tragedy and violence, 8th Day Center for Justice works and hopes for a spirit of peace to be born anew into our hearts and our world. 

References: Remember All the Children, Mr. President by Bill Quigley
Artwork by Rita Corbin of the Catholic Worker