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Please enjoy our most recent publications. We hope you will read them, share them with your circles, and use them for discussion.

Feminist Platform

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In April 2016, 8th Day debuted the Feminist Platform, a collection of policy recommendations on the justice issues that 8th Day deems most crucial at this time. Drawing inspiration from Nordic countries that put together a similar document, we decided to hone in on ten issues that we see as vital to creating a more inclusive, holistic, thriving nation and global community. We called on several people throughout the country who we consider experts in their field to write their policy recommendations.  Each contribution is woven together into the vibrant tapestry that is our Feminist Platform.


Creating Just Language

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Creating Just Language is a consciousness raising tool that makes suggestions for alternatives to the dominating and often exclusionary language used in both church and society today. It offers helpful examples and exercises for its readers to continue the effort in creating just language. Creating Just Language covers topics such as sexist, militaristic, racist, homophobic and exclusionary language. It promotes the language and thought of a “new” cosmology that reclaims and promotes the interdependence and interconnectedness of all life.



‘There is Only One Question: How to Love this World”

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This collection of reflections and essays gathers the best “loves and learnings” of 8th Day over the last forty- four years. We offer it as our incomplete goodbye, a gesture that gathers the best of what we have known while looking forward to say we will meet again even if only through the words and memories recorded on these pages. These ten essays share our history and closest held values. We offer them as a road map to the hearts and souls that fed the Center for over forty years.