plainbirdWelcome to 8th Day Center for Justice

8th Day Center for Justice is a progressive Catholic social justice organization that works to dismantle 

exploitative systems of power such as racism, sexism, capitalism, militarism, and borderism through

education, advocacy, grassroots organizing, and direct action with others who are committed to a just

and peaceful world.

New and Upcoming 

Please enjoy a printable version of our most recent publications including our final publication, ‘There is Only One Question: How to Love this World”. We hope you will read them, share them with your circles, and use them for discussion. Click Here to begin printing.
UPDATE: It is with a spirit of both sorrow and thanksgiving that we announce that this September will mark the opening of 8th Day Center’s Year of Gratitude – our final year – as we will be closing the Center in September 2018.. CLICK HERE to read our full statement.
Our latest edition of Creating Just Language is available; it’s a consciousness raising tool that makes suggestions for alternatives to the dominating and often exclusionary language used in both church and society today. To learn more click here.
In April 2016, 8th Day debuted the Feminist Platform, a collection of policy recommendations on the justice issues that 8th Day deems most crucial at this time. The document is attached here; we hope you will read it, share it with your circles, and use it for discussion leading up to and beyond the election in November 2016. To learn more click here.